Teaching Method

I teach beginning and advanced saxophone, beginning clarinet and trumpet, and beginning jazz piano.
I can also work with singers. My number one priority is to make practicing fun; students are given a personalized practice folder, with CD and sheet music to play along with.

I have an enormous library of sheet music and play-along CDs to choose from.

For horn lessons I will demonstrate what we are working on on my horn (song exercises, etc.) Then, we may play it together or I will switch to piano and accompany the student. I find accompanying on piano to be very helpful with the development of pitch and time.

Intermediate students often have weak areas because they do not focus on their areas of difficulty. For example, a student may have great technique and improvisational skills, but have poor tone. Tone exercise may be dull. I try to make them less so by playing along with CDs, which have the added benefit of teaching pitch and improving listening skills.

Improvisation is incorporated into most lessons through theory and harmony. Scales will be taught that go with songs the student is learning, and harmonic structure will be discussed. Blues and folk music are a good start for learning and hearing song chord progressions (I, IV, V chord progressions.)

I will work with beginning students on removing the mystery - and fear - from improvisation. improvisation is like learning another language. You will start with simple phrases and easy vocabulary, and in a short while (with a little practice) you will be improvising like a pro!

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